Thursday, July 30, 2015

Confessions of a Distracted Production Designer

I really had no idea what I was getting into when Laura asked me to join this new project of hers. My instant answer was 'yes', of course. Giving always that answer is both a perk and curse - it makes me an opportunist, I see possibilities where others fail to find them - but can also drive me nuts with myself. I've sometimes driven myself over a stress line I shouldn't pass, just because there were many projects going on at the time, and I always put my full heart and energy to the cause I find interesting. Sometimes even if I wouldn't because I feel like I should do my best anyway.
     This spring and summer have been crazy. Good crazy and sometimes bit of tiresome crazy. Filming every weekend, making logos, posters, posting on social media - and then there's this thing called life. I've loved working with this group of people. Among people I already knew, I made new friends and working with them never feels too hard because there's this beautiful atmosphere of doing this thing together.

This summer I have been such a professional designer & PR person that I haven't had a computer to use for most of days. I've been working out of town, at a summer camp with children that needed and deserved all of my energy, abilities and maturity. At home on days off I wanted to lie down on my bed and stare at the ceiling, do absolutely nothing productive.
    But I'm a dreamer, and a fighter. If I could dream it I could make it, putting these visuals into place so the whole production would be easy on eye - even if that meant shorter sleep or less time to relax. And no, I don't have to do it on my own. We do it together. We have been such a close team, everybody's doing everything that helps Project Green Gables to be the show we are all here for.

I feel blessed. During recent times I've really seen how hard work pays off, both regarding Project Green Gables and my 'real' summer job. The positive comments we have gotten this far are giving us all so warm feels in our tummies that we might burst into fire some day. And working with the kids at the camp - I've learned so much about this human experience, about myself, authority, belonging, seeing and feeling. I've been quite confident most of my life but I've learned that my self appreciation is not just myself trying to make me like myself but also something others can see and feel.
    I'm overwhelmed by the number of the kind words said about Project Green Gables. When it was just us, even though we did our best and aimed high, it felt like we were doing it for ourselves. Now it's also you, our kindred spirits, that we are so grateful for. Our hard work has brought to us all these people and that pays off all the short nights and the little stress. We are together in this with you. We love you.

Sorry, I'm a bit sentimental. It was my last day at my fantastic job. The summer is almost over - it's a bit melancholic thought but the autumn brings a lot with it. I'm so excited to share this journey with Anne with you. I'm excited for the future.


P.S. It's also my birthday!

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