Cast & crew

 Anne Shirley / creator / writer / producer

I enjoy art in all kinds of forms. Music, theatre, dance whatever. I might not be very good at all of them, but that's beside the point. I share my INFP personality with no one else than Anne Shirley! (Also Frodo Baggings, apparently)
Just like Anne I try to find beauty wherever I can find it, and spend a lot of time daydreaming.
When I grow up, I want to save the world, be a ballerina and travel around the world.

twitter: @onetowalkinthes
instagram: @vittusirkus
 Diana Barry

I'm the one on the set making the bad jokes, practically inhaling all of the coffee, always on time, unofficially in charge of makeup, laughing mid-filming and ready to step into the shoes of Diana Barry. I have a strange habit of encountering the most peculiar and interesting individuals. Then again, takes one to know one. I'm a passionate actor, be it in front of a camera or an audience at the theater. I also love going to cafes and events to write personalized poems for anyone willing to have one. 

instagram: @castorurbaine

Ruby Gillis

I don´t know how to capture and describe myself with only few sentences so instead I'm simply going to list things that make me happy. Blueberries, long phone calls, Patti Smith's book Just kids that I´m reading right now, new skills (I'm learning Italian and how on earth to do a handstand), the fact that I downloaded Netflix and can now watch Suits and Orange is the new black all day everyday, oh and Helmut Newton's collection in Berlin. Board games bring out my competitive side, I´m in it to win it. I love theater and music (and musical theater) so much it´s almost a cliché. This makes me sound more interesting than I am, I simply just like to find beautiful details and passionate people, so I stay inspired in my own everyday-life .

instagram: @saraksy

Jane Andrews

As Chief procrastinator and general enthusiast, I do things late, but with great consideration. I love entertainment with a burning passion, especially film and tv, which are subjects I hope to study in the near future. Though a lot of my time revolves around stuff that involves acting, it's never been something I've thought myself to be particularly good at, so I was rather pleasantly surprised when I found out I was to be included in this awesome project. Being around creative and inspiring people is among the things that give me life, as are Welcome to Night Vale, the X-files, antique bookshops, old houses, and small, happy dogs. We are all celestial entities, consisting of countless flourishing worlds.

instagram: @demelvenears

Charlie Sloane

I have a hard time taking things seriously, so I'm just going to say I love posing in front of bookshelves and drinking blueberry juice out of fancy glasses pretentiously. Most people know me for always being late, telling bad puns, and loving dark and self deprecating humor. Is this enough text? Yeah, I'd say it is. I read and play a lot of videogames I guess. Basic escapism you know.

 co-creator / writer / producer

Future Psychology major, current useless blogger. Travelling and writing are my two favourite things to do, ideally at the same time. I’m generally quite introverted, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to say. My goal in life is to smell really good at all times and my hobbies include creating profiles on random online dating websites and feeling anxious when people actually message me on them.


videographer / editor / PR

In charge of camera and editing (along with Tuulia). Assistant director and thrift store lover. Eternal knitter and Parks And Rec enthusiast. Perfectionism and carelessness balance each other out, right? Email me at

instagram: @piiris

videographer / editor

I like to ponder on the mysteries of the world, explore my surroundings and have interesting conversations with people. I’m not very good at making things with my hands, I rather use my mind.
Things I love are tea and scented candles. I also like to invent different games to entertain myself even though I actually have a lot to do. For example every time I light a match, I try to keep it burning until the flame dies by itself and if I have to blow the flame out, I lose. I think it’s fun to test how far do I dare to let the match burn. I’m a bit weird that way.
Other weird habit I have is appearing in places. Sometimes I accidentally startle people because I don’t realize they haven’t noticed I’m there. Somehow I move so quietly that I go unnoticed. It’s a bit annoying but on the other hand, it might be useful some day. I’ll just have to keep waiting for the right time. 

instagram: @vaniljakokis


I’m that type of girl who loves big warm sweaters, starry nights, horror movies, bittersweet love stories and cats. I have a lot of thoughts in my mind but I’m not good at dressing them into words. That’s probably why people usually concern me as shy and quiet person. Art, editing videos, composing music, dancing with my friends and a good book and a cup of hot chocolate are the things that make me happy and relaxed. 

instagram: @lyydiax_lulu

producer / production designer / casting director / PR

My Hogwarts house is Slytherin; I have a great deal of ambition but in the form of always improving myself and aiming for my personal best. Because I like working on different projects, I sometimes tend to participate in (too) many at the same time. Experiencing new things is very important for me, I love to travel and also have small adventures in my own day to day life. Among different areas of art, I have a great passion for people: I love getting to know and understand individuals and the human nature. For me, spending time and working with children is especially rewarding. I'm definitely a cat person and own two cats though I have a dog too. Some of my favourite things in the world include the scent of rain, beautiful clouds and sunsets, painting, Wes Anderson movies and long night chats.

instagram: @maaginenmimzy twitter: @mimberto